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Holly Golightly by fuzzys Holly Golightly by fuzzys
Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly. It's based on a magazine picture of her I ripped out 3 months ago and always wanted to draw, but didn't have time to, so the page has been on my buletin board for three months until yesterday..

Please click on full view! :) (Smile)

Airbrushed/drawn in photoshop with my spanking new wacom (haha) that I'm beginning to find indespensable.

Hope you like it.

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SNAD10 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014
Audrey Hepburn must be the most beautiful thing to ever walk the face of the earth and Holly Golightly was such a memorable character.
DarkAngelHolly Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2009
Beautiful. My favorite character from my favorite movie and this is a favorite also!


ashblackraven Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2005
AWww mah gawd this is so awesome! ^^ I love the hair and the eyes - pure audrey hepburn. ^^ Ooh and love the accesories too - *admires* :heart:
boomslice Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2004
Wow. Her eyes look amazingly real. Kudos to you. :)
KirreaL Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2003   Photographer
I... well... she really looks like Audrey.
(did u really draw that?)
i am amaized, great job!
sim83 Featured By Owner May 13, 2003
What he said, the hair and the eyes especially. Just great.
yth Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2003   Photographer
this is absolutely superb.

fantastic work.
brokenvanguard Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2002
Very smooth, it looks like its painted on glass.

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pigletteus Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2002
sweet lod!!! OEY! excellent airbrushing! no! dont dispense it! omgness, i love it!
afrojack Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2002  Hobbyist Photographer
As an Audrey Hepburn fan, I feel compelled to say that this is a very sexy representation of her. Great work!!! Adding to favs naturally :) (Smile)
orehnjee Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2002
O_O;; absolutely fuzzy.... i mean, amazing!!
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savis Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2002  Hobbyist General Artist
Holy f**ing sh*t. That's incredible. I had to zoom in several times before I could really see that this wasn't a picture. You have amazing skill.
laundrypowder Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2002
yay for cool photography style.
skaterstyleznet Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2002
Damn Gina....Good Job! Nice Airbrush.
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gvcarroll Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2002
Great job, great subject. One of a kind, she was.
jade Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2002
Beautiful! Great detail. Great shading. Great piece of work!
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simba Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2002
Mad skills kid! I love the pic. *adds to fav*
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d3ja Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2002
Well I was just browsing some Indy Art Females and come across this, I absolutely love Audrey Hepburn.. She had so much class and style, and you certainly captured both here.. The shading is superb.. I'll have to check out your gallery soon, if it's anything like this.. =D (Big Grin)
buzz Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2002
awesome work...
you really got skill!
chaos Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2002
wow...that's awesome fuzz. so realistic and the shadows are incredible. great job!
Hameed Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2002  Professional Digital Artist
gruhn Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2002
Audrey AND Wacom. Man, what a world you get to live in.
asbestos Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2002   Interface Designer

such crisp, clean lines. i imagine you could use them for such excellent storytelling, were you to go nuts sometime with the wacom. :) (Smile)
an excellent subject, an excellent production. drool.
hungrae Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2002
Great airbrush. The face is a bit washed out (not that washed out is bad, but the relative lighting for the washing out seems not quite even if you know what I mean).

Still, awesome skills displayed :) (Smile)
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cheneymac Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2002
This is stunning and incredible. Your skills with sketching and pen/ink are insane. Damn I wish I had some skills like those. All my stuff is merely design, but this is real art. It owns a piece of my soul.
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linkubus17eh Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2002
omg!!! thats soooo awesome...i love audrey hepburn and that movie is soo way jealous of ya..hehe...very good...beautiful!! :D (Big Grin)

iko Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2002
omg women!!! i just dont understand how it is possible to draw that good!! :o (Eek)

its just too amazing!! ;) (Wink)
fuzzydemon Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2002
:O (Eek)
This is sooo amazing... flawless brushing Nod
And exceptional work on the hair.. it's really beautifully done.

~fuzzydemon The Devil
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harlequin02 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2002
Wow, I totally agree. This is absolutely DD material=D (Big Grin) Very coolThumbs Up Thumbs Up

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jankin Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2002
kaiman Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2002
Another one for my favourite list....
polaris Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2002
holy wow... The hair ownz my bonez...

very well done... nice job
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woozster Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2002
Adores deviation! :D (Big Grin)
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avalondesign Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2002   Interface Designer
Holy crap! Superb
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arleetec Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2002
DD is on its way!!!!!! Wow when you showed it to me it was only the face. You finish up pretty quick now that you got the wacom steph. You thought you were gonna have problems with the hair but let me tell you its amazing. Very well done. Another one for my faves! =D (Big Grin)
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jackdirt Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2002
hmm terrific reproduction but I think you need to expand your skillz beyond the realm of pop culture. I want to see you do something you would never even think of doing... I really believe you have the talent to do something that will surprise even you. Nod :D (Big Grin)
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fidget Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2002   Photographer
Beautiful!! ! I love the smooth/crisp lines and lighting contrast. This is great !
woozster Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2002
I've told you before and I'll say it again; you have wicked skills fuzzstah! If this doesn't get DD, I don't know what will. Well done as always *hug* I love the details you've put into her :) (Smile)

*stands back and gazes in awe*

DD damnit!!
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