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you are here - sitemap mock up by fuzzys you are here - sitemap mock up by fuzzys
This is a rough mock-up of a project I'm doing for class, its the sitemap for a website called 'Kuala Lumpur'.. it's the city I live in.. feeling a little skeptical on the whole look and feel. Just thought I'd put it up here to see if anyone has any suggestions. I'm open.

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EZKL Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2003
I like the layout also. Just remember the rules of three's. 3 colors to a page, 3 clicks to get where ever you need to on a website. The subcatagory's could be a lil bigger though. Other than that I love it!
drapiejko Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2002
this designs reminds me of friends of ed cover designs and juxt inter

nice stuff
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jackdirt Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2002
ooh the pink tells me where I am. by now you may have noticed a lack of intelligence in comemtns but dont let that fool you.


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jinoise Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2001
ahaha wahh o_0. im gonna be in kl soon for a visit :) (Smile)

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musicinmyhead Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2001
that's a great layout fuzzys :) (Smile) maybe you should make it look a bit more tropical like than grunge, cause tropical tends to attract more people :) (Smile) maybe you could change the colors a bit and make it a tropical grunge :P (Razz) but it's awesome nonetheless :) (Smile) keep up the awesome work :D (Big Grin)

sasso Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2001
I like it, it's got a great style to it, looks like this is going to be a pretty solid project. Nice work. - Sal Loria - Senior Editor - Software Reviews - Addict
mariko Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2001
nice layout. =D (Big Grin)

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southern5footer Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2001
love the look, but i am also curious to see a working page.

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babysista Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2001
this is interesting. very interesting, indeed. especially that festivals' bit cause i dont recall there being any here. but this site says that you know the going ons.... so if you hear anything... gimme a note, kay? =D (Big Grin) *nudge*nudge* Eyes

anywayyyy... this is cool. might i suggest you use a diff color for the "You are here" and the arrow cause it'll be somewhat distracting what with all the fonts being the same color and all. but damn this is good. whoever commissioned this is getting his/her RMs worth.

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watchitman Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2001
I think I'd like to see a working page. This looks nice but I'm not sure how you are going to make it work. I won't vote because it's not finished.

o-doyle Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2001
I really like the look of it!!! The feel i get from it is that dirty sketchy feel.... Not saying that this is a sketchy website design, its looking very nice!!! =) (Smile)


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-soulworm- Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2001
I ilke it, especially the xerox-like dirts... What I dislike is the color scheme, but well, gustibus non disputandus est (or whatever).

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October 31, 2001
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